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Children’s Centres are becoming Family Centres

Friday 21st June 2019

Family Centres will be located in communities where there are more families needing extra help to support their children to thrive. The centres are based as near as possible to our most disadvantaged communities but families needing help anywhere across Surrey will be able to benefit from their services.

Family support workers employed at the Family Centre will provide services in the family home as well as at local community venues or the centre itself, whichever best suits the needs of the family at that time. The mobile Family Centre will also be available to support families who are more isolated or where there are limited local facilities.

Family Centres will only provide services for families where challenging family circumstances are having a significant impact on the health, development or wellbeing of the child/children living in the home. Professionals and practitioners working with families for example GPs, health visitors, schools, early years settings and others will request additional support for the family through the Early Help Hub. The family will be contacted by the Family Centre when parents have agreed that they would welcome the extra help.

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